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Owl Occasions, our team

We are a group of Owl and Bird of Prey keepers and who would like to share our experience and wonderful Birds with you. With over 30 years experience between us all why not come and book us for a private event where you can learn all about these magnificent Birds and habitat and see them up close and in person.
Paul & Jasmine, Dave & Midnight, James & Bubu
Dave, Hi my name is Dave and I am the owner of OwlOccasions. I am an avid wildlife enthusiast and photographer DalynDigital Wildlife see my photography page here, I have had many years experience keeping various animals, birds, fish and reptiles. I own Loki a male Barn owl, which I have had since raising Him from a tiny chick just a few weeks old. A female Great Grey Owl called Midnight and a male BooBook owl called Billy. I am an active conservationist helping to conserve wild birds of prey and their Habitats with the Hawk and Owl Trust. I am also an enthusiastic educator of our younger generations so they come to understand the Habitat management and Conservation required by our wonderful wildlife heritage. My aim is that they will have these wonderful birds in the wild to show their children by the means of their enthusiasm. Youngsters enthusiasm is catching and once they have caught the bug will keep it lifelong for all future generations to benefit.

Paul, Hello, my name is Paul and I am an OwlOccasions Associate. I have over 20 years of experience as a keeper of Owls and Birds of Prey and learnt the basic skills during a Falconry course at the National Birds of Prey Centre (ICBP Newent). I have always been interested in birds, first keeping Finches and Canaries and was encouraged by my father who was a racing pigeon fancier. It was not until I had my own home that I started to keep Birds of Prey. I currently own Jasmine an Indian (Bengal) Eagle Owl, Maizie a Red-tailed Buzzard (Hawk), and several other birds of Prey. Conservation of our wildlife including birds of Prey is very important to me. I am an active conservationist with the Hawk and Owl Trust helping to conserve wild Birds of Prey and their habitats.

James, Hello my name is James and I am an OwlOccasions Associate, I have always loved animals since I was a child, especially birds of prey , I got my first bird Buzz a Barn Owl a sibling to Loki in 2009. I also have an African Spotted Eagle Owl named Bubu. My other hobby is reptile keeping so I also keep various types of reptiles meaning I’m always doing something animal orientated. I am also an active conservationist with the Hawk and Owl Trust helping to conserve wild Birds of Prey and their habitats.