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OK, so you've met our birds and fell in love with one of our family. That's OK, it happens! Caring for a Bird of prey whether it's a Little Owl, Barn owl, Eagle owl or Harris Hawk, takes a lot of time, effort and of course money. Each has a specific and expensive diet. This will consist of day-old chicks, rats, mice and quail. Obviously, we can't pop down to the local pet shop or supermarket for this food, so have to source it from specialist suppliers. Add this to the time needed to train, fly and maintain their enclosures- and you can see why we appreciate your help! You can now adopt any of our birds for an annual fee of just £35.00. Perfect as a gift for someone or as a treat for yourself! Payment by PayPal. In return, you will receive:
A certificate of Adoption A photograph of your adopted bird An information sheet on the species A keyring of your adopted bird An invitation to meet, handle and possibly even fly your chosen bird!
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Adoption period is valid for 1 Year from payment date

A Loki B Buzz C Flo

D Midnight E Jasmine F Tin-tin

G Billy H Pip I Masie

J Ruby K Sahara L Bubu

M Nutmeg

Adopt a Bird

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A Loki ~ Barn Owl
B Buzz ~ Barn Owl
C Flo ~ Barn Owl
D Midnight ~ Great Grey Owl Owl
E Jas ~ Indian Eagle Owl
F TinTin ~ Kestrel
G Billy ~ Boobook Owl
H Pip ~ Little Owl
I Maisie ~ Red tailed Hawk
J Ruby ~ Buzzard
K Sahara ~ Harris Hawk
LBubu ~ African spotted Eagle Owl
M Nutmeg ~ Tawny Owl
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